Catering to the most common niche market in tourism – variety, convenience, price and safety

Author : Achala Meddegama

As ETs core team discussed how to differentiate our on-line travel and tour planner, we focused on price, variety, convenience and safety. is the world’s only all in one travel platform that is accessible by customers over the public web. This means that provides customers a customisable, easily bookable itinerary that can include accommodations, experiences and transport options.

Think about it, how hard is it really to get all the right information and make a good decision on where you are staying, what you will be doing and how you will get there? Pretty hard unless you are going back to a place you’ve already visited. With us, that’s the niche market that is actually a common requirement we have met quite extra-ordinarily. And I’m sure you will not disagree. This is why we also created a tagline ~ your all in one travel partner.

What are accommodations or stays

Accommodations are places you can book for a night upto 30 days straight. These are temporary stops on your travels, relaxing, resting and enjoying. Hotels, guest houses, home stays, apartments, villas, resorts are just a few of the types of stays you can find online at

What are experiences

Experiences are also known as… wait for it, activities. Yes the things you can do at certain locations such as rafting, surfing, boating, trekking, camping, safaris…. and the list goes on and on. So expect a wide variety of services to spring up soon on our easy to use map search and other quick access areas. Filtering by activity, location such as city or village, by price range are all added to make your life allot easier. And we have great offers for experiences so catch them quickly.

What are transport options

Transport is any mode of ground-transport you can hire such as Vans, Cars, Busses and even tuk-tuks. So if you plan to get from Colombo to Kandy with 10 people, you can search for a AC Van that has the capacity and see their rates, and then book one listing. Its easy as search, browse and book.

All the above services are not found on one platform anywhere else. Specially in Sri Lanka. And our tiny island paradise having all these crazily cool places to visit and explore is just the reason we have created this novel platform. And us being 100% local helps to know what to offer. And we also try our level best to check on the service quality of the places we offer, even removing some who are known to damage the environment and abuse nature. unlike many other common on-line travel agents does not store your credit card details. You will be surprised by the number of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards which are broken when travel websites store your card details on their own servers. This is highly risky and we also know that some websites give all of your card details to the hotels to charge directly your card. Think how many ways your cards can be mis-used? But this is where we made things much simpler and safer. We don’t store your card no, CCV or date of birth. We only store the name on the card and the last 04 digits of the card no. to help us and the service providers identify which card was used. To be sure this is done on any other website, check where you enter your card details, if you enter them on the travel websites page, then you know your card information will be saved by the website. But if you are directed to a banks payment gateway/ processing page then you are usually storing your details on the banks servers which are PCI-DSS Compliant.

So take a spin on, we are still young just being a few months after launching and still adding alot of great places to stay, things to do and how to get there…

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